CBC Bio and Health

CBC thrives on the front lines of healthcare communications, handling branding, public relations, and communications for investment opportunities, technology development, and acquisition.

We have proven our value in simplifying science-based companies’ messages for both the investment community and the press. Our media relations engine spread these vital messages in healthcare journals and business press alike to attract patients, physicians, and investors to companies and their platforms.

Quality over Quantity

Especially in times of great uncertainty, our ability to clearly cut through distraction to attract the right kind of attention from the trade press, financial circles, and influential leaders in the healthcare industry, makes your business have a greater shot at receiving the attention and valuation it needs to thrive.

Our Philosophy

Our burden is always translation. Our clients have been pioneers in genetic sequencing and analysis, artificial intelligence in medicine, rare disease, and cutting edge diagnostics for Parkinson’s disease and oncology. In the end, these organizations didn’t need communications as much as they needed to tell powerful stories that translate their promise into a narrative of impact.

Strategic advisors

We often serve as strategic communications advisors to the C-suite but are more than happy to take on much of the heavy lifting in tactical execution as well.

CBC Healthcare & Bio-sciences program

  • Positioning and messaging development
  • Investor deck development
  • Website re-skin or relaunch
  • Business and Industry PR
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Mapping
  • Leadership Programs
  • Launch Planning

“If you’re looking for a partner to assist your organization with rebranding, public relations, or communications in healthcare technology.”