Brain Imaging for Early Detection of Parkinson’s Disease

Simplifying Complex Science to Attract Investors, Talent and HCPs

LikeMinds is changing the standard of care in brain imaging, most notably in enabling earlier detection of Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremor. Using its new dopamine transporter imaging-agent platform, LikeMinds intends to make brain imaging part of the standard suite of healthcare diagnostic tests and technologies, intended to be as common, affordable, and accessible as MRI, CT Scans or X-Rays.

As the company readied for Stage 2 trials, CBC worked with LikeMinds to translate its complex science into a compelling story to attract investors and talent. It’s “Image is Everything” position was translated into an investor deck, website and sales aids for the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

LikeMinds achieved a successful exit in 2020, delivering significant value to share holders. The company is on the fast track to usher in a new approach to diagnosing and researching brain disorders related to dopamine transporters.